Alegro - Someone Else (feat. LV)

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Alegro - Someone Else (feat. LV) lyrics

It's time to change, there's no looking back, i ‘m for real this time, u gotta make a change...

Right now it's time for action
Addicted to making it happen
Flipping the scratch now picture that
Oh they mish you mash u – u know they will
For this one crack sale
U can see me stranded in hell
Landed in jail
With my black mail inhail
Got a deep concashion from busting no backstubbing hustlers
Selling my drugs just to get my ritchs
As for is my vision im wishing i'd live my life alittle different

People staring at the mirror facing someone else
Others doing what they shouldn't,
It was someone else
People ‘re lying cause they 're trying to be someone else
It is not you i see with that guy, must be someone else

Staring at the world throw my rearview
Got to keep one eye open sertching for a clear view
I hear u screaming to god but he cant hear u
U said he brought us this far look what we been throw
Is it fortion and fame now we stuck in the game
I spit my soul on this track so u can feel my pain
It's time to change i don't want to blow out my brains
No more looking in the mirror pointing fingers like i ‘m a player