B.o.B - Fuck The Money (feat. Asher Roth) (2010)

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B.o.B - Fuck The Money (feat. Asher Roth) lyrics

[B.O.B - Hook]
Well, Ima make a lot of money
(make a lot of money)
and I’ma quit this
(quit this)
crazy scene
Well I’ma quit this crazy scene
it’s funny cause this is what I waited to be
being on stage was amazing to me
but now I’m in the game it aint the way that it seem
Well I’ma quit this crazy scene
cause being famous ain’t what they make it to be
but back then yo this was my favourite dream
but now I wouldn’t hesitate I would leave
Well I guess I got problems
dropped outta school ain’t think about college
so apologies to my mother and father
for being stubborn ever since I was a toddler
Well I’ma quit this crazy dream
cause when I hit the stage all the ladies scream
and when I pass by they all waving at me
but I be getting tired, y’all pray for me
[Asher Roth]
I feel you Bob, I feel you man
Thats why I….
I’ma quit this crazy scene
cause everything you see ain’t really how it be
and please don’t believe in that TV screen
I’m sorry kids but there’s no such thing
Im gonna..
and I don’t know how to feel when this
dream of mine used to be so real
I would anything just to sign a deal
but now I trade it all for a home cooked meal
I wanna…
cause they don’t care about us
they just use us up
leave us in the dust
and it roughs me up
so much I could cuss
enough’s enough,
I wanna..