Busta Rhymes - Arab Money (Remix) (feat. Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beat, Akon & Lil Wayne) (2010)

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Busta Rhymes - Arab Money (Remix) (feat. Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beat, Akon & Lil Wayne) lyrics

[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
Aiyyo, somebody tell Steven Spielburg and George Lucas thank you for directing this movie!

Look, you can talk about your money but I really don’t care
I’m into coppin strange shit, now I’m trying to buy air! (gasps)
As the first black nigga that a rap trillionaire
I control heat, I’m ’bout to buy the ozone layer!
I’m into copping minerals now, diamonds and granite
So much paper I could probably gift wrap a planet
And clone a million Janets
Respect my accomplishments
Asalama Lakem Rak Ma Tullai Barigato!

[Verse Two: Diddy]
Alhamdulliah with my billions pilin’
I’m just wildin’, bought 2 islands
Lakshmi Mittal-in’, diamonds is salmon
Bout to buy 5th ave, bitch I’m just stylin’
Money insane
While Jay was poppin’ bottles I was buyin’ out planes just to fly around Spain
Fuck a recession, I’m still investin’
Bout to buy Dubai and swim in the shark section
Fuck it, the dark section
Bitch, that’s the Barack section
[Verse Three: Ron Browz]
You might catch me in a coup that cost 100 thous
Haka La Shika means I love you Ron Browz
My money make noise, yours quiet as a mouse
Send an email Ether Boy’s in the house
All the girls love me, yeah i pop bubbly
Haka Hashahi means shorty dumb ugly
Find me on the dance floor doin the duggy
Trucks sit high dude, next to your buggy

[Verse Four: Swizz Beatz]
When I come through, hit you with that brand new
Who got a Coupe? Damn thang, only only sits two
But you know who (who?) goon, who be ridin in my passenger
Side, we be flyin shit, 2.5 in it
Hey, h-hey-hey-HEY – I’m in my Jeezy watchin TV
She call me Ha-Habeni while she feedin my linguini
Left right, l-left right – that Arab dance poppin right
Swizz Beatz, Busta Bus, the money money buss pipes
[Verse Six: Akon]
I got that Arab money (money)
Four-star Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim
Straight cash when I come in
Lemme exchange the currency ’cause it’s all foreign
I got that A-RAB MONEY!!
Wakin up to five kinds, ya mind’s in the money
Diamond mines still runnin
on all of Africa, you can ask Tarzan

[Verse Seven: Lil' Wayne] (Busta Rhymes)
Calendar say I get money everyday
Smile look like iced out Perrier
Marry me a G and tell her kids that I was
Now jump into your grave if you dig what I dug
Cash Money Universal multi check
Twenty chains look like a scarf on my neck
Young Money Entertainment girls and fame
(Adopt a mu’fucker in the money hall of fame, Arab money)

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