Diggy - What They Been Waiting For (2010)

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Diggy - What They Been Waiting For lyrics

You see the shoes right,
You like the i walk,
Igotta clue right,
I hear the people talk,And what i'm saying what you hating for,
You know who it is,
what you've been waiting for wa-what you've been waiting for(*3]

i know who it is
what they been waitin for

I got my hoes wit me,
I got my drumers druming,
It's your boy Diggy go head and gimme sumthin
See what the problem is im actually kinda dope,
not like an average kid i bet thats wat you probly hope,
they say im quote unquote, comin from the rich folks but thats my pops bread but i can spit tho

Because im young and articulate very different, Contest material, Even the old heads diggin it
They can't distinguish it, crazy, the way I'm spitting it
Age don't even begin in it, greatness is all I linger in
The young prodigy bringing the habit and I don't need to be the badest for the status
It's like My apparatus status style on radus it's free
In case you stand us it's me the little man u see
I'm growing up right in front of your eyes
Yeah I'm what they been looking for it's no surprise

You see these shoes right, you like the way i walk, i got it cool right, i hear them people talk,And wat im sayin is wat you been hatin for, you kno who it is, what you been waitin for (x2)
wha what you been waitin for
I know who it is wat they been waitin for.