My Dying Bride - And I Walk With Them (Live)

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My Dying Bride - And I Walk With Them (Live) lyrics

A Serpent it came to me
Right before my eyes
I looked to God way above me
He looked down at my lies

I said "oh Lord please help me
I am on my knees"
"Your path is yours" he told me
"Yours to reap"

A mighty wind did pull me
Tore at my face
My flesh is raped at his hand
I am the world's disgrace

The Heaven opened above
And down Gods tears came
Lashing away at my skin
My stinking, rotten frame

I though I'd fought the
demons that roamed above me
I thought I'd slew their blood
red hands
Their hearts still beat with all
the hatred for me
Their mark still burns into my
very soul
And I walk with them.
They're shadowing my soul.